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College Days at Heartland Baptist Bible College is a great opportunity for youth groups or individuals to experience college life and allow God to guide them during three days of preaching, teaching, and activities. This year’s dates are March 21-23, 2018, and we are excited to have HBBC President Sam Davison and Pastor Jason Gaddis as this year’s preachers. Check-in is on Wednesday, March 21 from 1-5 pm.


The cost for each visitor is $70 ($60 if registered by March 5). This includes four meals and admission to all activities. Online payment is available from January 22 – March 5. Please register before paying for your group online. Online registration will be open from January 22 – March 20.

Dress Code

LADIES: Skirts or dresses below the knee are to be worn to meals, classes, and services. Culottes (below the knee) are allowed for activities. Please do not wear form-fitting clothes, sleeveless or low-cut tops, pants, or shorts.

MEN: A collared shirt and khaki or dress pants would be appropriate for classes and services. Please do not wear form-fitting clothes, sleeveless shirts, or shorts.


Competitions this year include the Young Man Preaching Challenge (11th and 12th grades), the Preaching Competition (9th and 10th grades), Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Biblical Storytelling/Oral Presentations, and the Bible Quiz (TBD).

We hope the Young Man Preaching Challenge will be an encouragement to your Junior and Senior men as they prepare to preach the Word of God. Expository and Topical sermon helps are available for download.

The Bible Quiz will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm. Please be prepared to check in by 4:00pm if your church plans to participate in the Bible Quiz.

Guidelines for each competition are included on the competition registration form.

Wednesday, March 21 Thursday, March 22 Friday, March 23
1:00 -5:00pm Check-in 7:30am College Classes 7:30am College Classes
4:00 -5:00pm Bible Quiz 10:50am College Chapel 10:30am College Chapel
5:00pm Supper/Youth Workers’ Meeting 12:00pm Lunch 12:00pm Lunch
7:00pm Preaching at Southwest Baptist Church 1:00pm Music and Storytelling/Recitation Competitions
9:30pm-11:30pm Incredible Pizza Activity 1:30pm Preaching Competitions
1:30-6:00pm Young Man Preaching Challenge
2:00-4:00pm Activity Time
5:00pm Supper
7:00pm Preaching at HBBC
9:30pm-11:30pm On-Campus Activity